Garment Label

Arora Print has surely secured the position of one of the topmost manufacturers and traders of Garment labels and tags in the last 10 years with its policy to work for customers and its friendly relationship with its customers. We provide both kinds of garment labels, whether it would be woven labels or printed ones.

Woven labels

Woven patches

Clear clothing labels

High frequency label

Leather labels

Hem tags

Metal labels

Hang tag string


Garment tape

Tissue paper

Paper bags

Non woven bags

PVC labels


How do we make garment labels?

Garment Labels Manufacturers in Delhi India .First, we get the best quality of raw material (such as satin polyester, coated polyester, nylon, iron-on for printed labels and Damask, Semi-Damask, Taffeta, Satin for woven labels) from our trusted suppliers so that our customers will not have any problem with durability, service time and smoothness of our product. The colors we use in dying our product are not the one which easily fade off and neither they comes off while washing making our product convenient for our customers. Our team of designers take special notice to latest fashion trends and designs, and prepares elegant yet fashionable labels for our customers. Then we give those labels our final touch with fine stitching and finishing with the latest technology or by hands as our customer prefers.

Why us?

Our garment label and tags are not the one which will cause harm to your skin. It is soft and comfortable for the skin. Our production is ethically and socially responsible. We offer our customers wide range of garment labels in every respect, whether it is about shape, size, color or design. We produce labels for various occasions. Our customers can trust us for producing best garment labels and tags with a fine quality of raw materials, dyes, latest designs and all these on affordable prices.


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