Custom Clothing Label

We  Arora Print  are Custom Clothing Labels Manufacturers  and have surely secured one of the topmost positions in the market of custom clothing labels. Its policy of working for customers and having a friendly relationship with customers keeps it going and providing customers what’s best for them. We provide our customers whatever labels they want, whether its woven clothing label or the printed clothing label.

We get our raw materials (such as satin polyester, coated polyester, nylon, iron-on for printed labels and Damask, Semi-Damask, Taffeta, Satin for woven labels) from our trusted suppliers who also believe in providing best to our customers. The color dyes we use for dying clothing labels are of supreme quality, that is why it does not harm the skin and neither easily wears off, nor comes off while washing the clothes every time. Team of most reliable designers comes with new ideas of designing labels so that our customers could get only the latest trends. Then we finish it with the fine stitching and finishing by using the latest technology or hands, however our customer demands.

In Arora print, we don’t ignore our customers’ demand no matter how precise it is. And that is why we provide clothing labels of a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. We do every kind of printing on clothing labels, whether it would be some cartoons for children or some name for showing your affections toward that person and all that at very affordable price. Here, in Arora print we make it easy for our customers so that they could have what they want in very affordable price.


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